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Things I’ll miss about life: Part 8 of Blank (Tagalong Girl Scout cookies)

When I refer to the most wonderful time of the year, I’m not referring to Christmas.  I’m referring to Girl Scout cookie season.  First and foremost, let me express my regret to the Boy Scouts who only get to sell popcorn, a far inferior fundraising food.  Everybody has their favorite Girl Scout cookie.  I feel most people I know love Thin Mints.  I’m not a huge Thin Mint fan.  The most amazing Girl Scout cookie ever created is the Tagalong.  Oh.  Em.  Gee.  One box is never enough, although with the prices they’re charging, you would think it would last a while.  Give me five minutes with an unopened box of Tagalongs and I’ll give you an empty box five minutes later.  The serving size for calorie count and what not, however, is 2 Tagalongs.  When have you ever in your entire life stopped at 2 cookies?  And that’s how the Girl Scouts get you.  They know you’ll need more than one box and they know that you know that they only come out one time a year so there’s the rarity factor which means you’ll pay a thousand dollars a box and get fifty boxes of it.   You’re gonna stock up on Girls Scout cookies like the nuclear holocaust is happening tomorrow. But damn are they good and so worth it.  My only regret is that it is NOT Girl Scout season at the time of me writing this so I don’t have any Girl Scout cookies.  I can imagine me right now, eating Girl Scout cookies while drinking a glass of milk.  I will most definitely miss Girl Scout cookies when I die, especially the Tagalongs.

TGFCS.  Thank God For Cookie Season.