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Things I’ll miss about life: Part 5 of blank (French Vanilla Creamer)

This is a short one.

When I first ventured into coffee drinking, I was a half-and-half kind of guy.  Just plain ole half-and-half.  Every time I drank coffee at restaurants, I used the small little creamer cups.  I also used to stack them in pyramids.  (I still do) But then one day, I can’t remember it exactly, I had French vanilla creamer.  Maybe I got an erection, but again, I’m not too sure. Either way, there was definite chemistry.

From then on I knew French vanilla creamer  was my go to creamer of choice.  But I wanted more from it.  Why should it just be limited to coffee?  It shouldn’t be.  I don’t think coffee and creamer should have a mutually exclusive relationship.  They should see other people.  Foods.  I meant food.  I don’t know where my mind’s at.  One day I was making mac and cheese (out of the box) and I made a quick decision–use French vanilla creamer instead of milk.  Sure it was a gamble but the French vanilla creamer made it absolutely sweet and amazing.  I felt like Dr. Frankenstein successfully creating his monster.   After successfully introducing French vanilla to another partner, I wanted it to go all around town, to a whole bunch of different foods.  I pretty much wanted to whore out French vanilla to every other food in my cabinet and refrigerator.

I have yet to go far in this process but that’s exactly what it is…a process.  From now on, it is my solemn vow, that I will use French vanilla creamer as a substitute for milk and regular creamer.  Whenever a recipe calls for milk, I will mix in French vanilla creamer.  I’ll even introduce French vanilla creamer to random things as well:  chili, soup, alfredo sauce.  The list will go on and on.

I’m just incredibly happy that overzealous patriots didn’t attack French vanilla creamer and call it Freedom vanilla creamer.  I don’t know if I would be such a fan of Freedom vanilla creamer.

That’s pretty much it for French Vanilla Creamer.  And as a change, I have no segue for my entry tomorrow which definitely does make this the…